Week 4

The final week of Phase 1. I knew I had to speed up my work, because I was taking a lot of time in issues and fixing them. This week I worked primarily on Calculate and a few of its features.

The first was working on existing PR’s. The core of Sugar and its git history were originally not on GitHub, and were moved from somewhere else. There are existing PR’s from the previous repos that weren’t merged yet. My job was to take them up, debug and test the patches and get them ready for review.

The first I chose to work on was the feature to enable Indic and other types of numerals. Currently, the activity only supports the standard Hindu-Arabic numerals. The implementation was carried out by another author, but required a few changes, in the numerals themselves as well as other functiona changes. Unicode supports the use of these numerals as well.

The second PR was to modify the option of setting the number of digits displayed in final result. I added 3 to the list, as for short and quick calculations, you don’t need more than three digits in the decimal.

The third was to round off the final result to a suitable number of decimal places, in trigonometirc calculations as they were not being rounded off correctly. I have included the link to the PR down below. The fourth was to fix the fact that only integers and whole numbers could be provided as input to trigonometric functions.

Links to PR’second Calculate-activity PR: #60 Calculate-activity PR: #64 Calculate-activity PR: #62 Calculate-activity PR: #61

Written on August 26, 2016